• My husband and I had given up on finding a good agent,that changed. We found Randy. He was wonderful he he never gave up on us.He found the perfect place. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to get the best person
    Janet W.
  • I will/would recommend Randy to absolutely everyone. He is the perfect realtor. He has an amazing professional network, super knowledgeable, he is friendly compassionate, and thorough. He is an active listener and helped me find my dream home. He was always available, responsive from the beginning to the end! Iâ??d give him more stars if it were possible. Let him help you find your next dream home too!
    Stephanie S.
  • My husband and I had the incredible privilege of working with Randy during our recent home-buying journey, and we couldn’t be more grateful for his expertise and dedication. From the moment we began working together, it was evident that Randy possessed an exceptional understanding of the housing market and the city of Chicago and its many unique neighborhoods. His knowledge and insight were truly enlightening as to what we needed and wanted in our future. What truly set Randy apart was his unwavering accessibility. He was always just a phone call or text away, ready to address any questions or concerns we had. Whether it was a weekday morning or a late evening, he was there, providing guidance and support every step of the way. One of Randy’s greatest strengths is his ability to explain things clearly and concisely. His communication skills were impeccable, keeping us updated and involved at every turn. He excels not only as a skilled communicator but also as an exceptionally empathetic and understanding individual. He consistently alleviated stress and concerns by proactively addressing them whenever they arose, helping us navigate the process with ease and confidence. Moreover, Randy has a way of instilling confidence in his clients. His professionalism and expertise inspire trust, making it easy to place complete faith in his guidance. We cannot overstate how reassuring it was to have him by our side throughout this journey. In short, Randy is a talented professional who excels in his field. We feel incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with him, and we wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of a knowledgeable and dedicated realtor. Thank you, Randy, for your outstanding service and unwavering support!
    Francisco P.
  • We were so lucky to work with Randy in our search for our first home! We met him at an open house (he was the buyer’s agent), and despite already working with a large number of clients, he agreed to help us on our journey. Randy was very open to our ideas on first homes, trekking from Hyde Park to Rogers Park to see places. He quickly understood what appealed to us, and he was also prompt and upfront in pointing out any potential issues that were not apparent to us (now we look at a building’s tuckpointing more than ever). We couldn’t have worked with a better agent through this process. Randy was more than a real estate agent – he was a therapist, expert, design ideator, and much more. We don’t think we would have signed with our new place without him! Working with Randy made our experience as first time homebuyers virtually painless. We really appreciated his extensive knowledge and expertise throughout every step of the process.
    Caroline H.
  • Randy was our agent for both the sale of our condo and the purchase of our new home. From the get-go he was motivated, responsive to our needs, and offered many helpful, insightful ideas to make the process work for us as we navigated through the currently challenging real estate market. Randy did a great job of making the selling process as pain free as possible. He quickly understood our priorities and needs, was always available when we needed him, and here’s the net-net – he found us good buyers in a reasonable time frame, at a great selling price who were flexible and accommodating! We waited to go under contract for our sale before purchasing a home. That, of course, created some anxiety, uncertainty and stress. Randy was always cool, calm and collected, and good at keeping things in perspective for us, which really helped. We looked at a lot of properties, and Randy patiently provided solid input and feedback from his perspective. Ultimately the timing worked out, and we closed on a new home on schedule! Randy also offered several helpful suggestions and a referral or two as we began some upgrades on our new home. All in all, we received full, responsive, and timely support from Randy and we are very pleased with his and Dreamtown’s efforts on our behalf.
    Joe L.
  • Randy patiently worked with me for 4 months to find the right place for me.
    Kim O.
  • SPECTACULAR does not even do Randy Romano justice. He is knowledgeable, pleasant, communicative, resourceful, and always made himself available. We absolutely LOVED working with him on our home purchase. Moving from out of state and being unable to tour homes frequently was stressful enough, but Randy made it a truly enjoyable experience. His insights were influential in our decision making, and Randy’s advice was always welcome. He is the kind of guy who is fully transparent, helps you set realistic expectations, and can find you a home to perfectly meet your needs at your price point. Would HIGHLY recommend to anyone!
    Erika M.
  • Randy was extremely helpful during the closing process. I highly recommend Randy to anyone looking to buy, or sell.
    Dan K.
  • Randy was a tremendous help from start to finish. He went above and beyond and deftly handled every situation that came our way.
    Sean G.
  • We loved working with Randy to buy our new home! We were on a tight timeline and coming from out of town so we had some extra challenges. Randy got to know us and our preferences even as they evolved. He was kind and patient and communicated with us constantly even when we were not on the ground in Chicago which was really helpful. When we placed bids on a few homes, Randy was essential in helping us figure out what was reasonable- we had no idea. When we fell in love with a place, Randy was the right kind of aggressive in being in contact with the sellerâ??s realtor and getting into the house multiple days to express interest. His knowledge of the market and strategy in bidding got us a home when the market was becoming insane and everyone was having trouble getting homes. He was kind and thoughtful and helped us all the way through the process. We were very happy to have worked with him and we would wholeheartedly recommend him to friends looking to buy in Chicago!
    Bethan L.
  • Randy is excellent! He really knows the market and got to know what I liked, and balanced that with what I needed for my family and life. Randy is responsive and respectful. I would highly recommend working with Randy and I will definitely do so in the future.
    Catherine P.
  • We have very much appreciated Randy Romanoâ??s seasoned and candid guidance during this dynamic and difficult market (spring 2022) and would easily recommend him to our friends! Randy quickly earned our confidence that he is about helping his clients find a home thatâ??s truly right for them and within their budget while also avoiding the potential pitfalls that lead to buyerâ??s remorse. He is just enjoyable to work with as well.
    Andrew S.
  • I have nothing but positive things to describe Randy, and our shared experience. He is collaborative, a team player. He is warm and frank. He is detail oriented and thoughtful. I say that because when he makes a suggestion, it is obvious he has thought deeply about the subject, and YOU are the one he is thinking for. Who else would one ask to represent one in one of the biggest financial decisions but someone like Randy? How lucky were we! Fifi Servoss
    Fifi S.
  • Randy has been a dream to work with. We were looking for a high rise condo for 3 years before we found the perfect one and during that time Randy never once pushed or pressured us in any way. If a unit wasn’t up to par, he was the first one to relay disappointment. We really appreciated his honesty and straight forwardness. He is very knowledgeable with endless resouces from lawyers to best shopping and always ready to answer any questions. We recommend Randy very highly!!
    Youngmi H.
  • Randy is the perfect example of why a realtor can make all the difference despite all the DIY home-finding tools at your fingertips. Despite my wife and I haunting Zillow like ghouls, Randy was able to spot the perfect pre-list property that we literally would not have been able to see without him. Besides literally being the only reason we got the home of our dreams, on a much more mundane note, he’s incredibly knowledgable of Chicago and knew which neighborhood was the best match for us even when we didn’t. He was incredibly responsive, protective of our time, and took very deliberate care to pick properties that fit into our specific criteria. We were looking when the supply was at its lowest and he still found the home for us! He’s fun, helpful, professional, and excellent at his job. Highly recommend, 5/5 stars, would use again! (but hopefully not for another decade or so…)
    Marc W.
  • Randy was a pleasure to work with. Randy was a caring and attentive real estate professional who quickly assessed the types of properties that I was looking for and what particular “must haves” that my ideal new home should have. Randy walked me through the homebuying process step-by-step from beginning to end and made my first homebuying experience a surprisingly easy and pleasant one. Randy was always willing to show me properties with relatively little notice and was, without exception, not only punctual but was often early to our property viewings. In sum, I cannot overemphasize enough my utmost gratitude for Randy’s participation in my first homebuying experience and feel confident that Randy can be relied upon to offer the same exceptional level of service and professional real estate acumen to others as well.
    James D.
  • As a first-time homebuyer I was very happy with and grateful for my experience working with Randy. He provided a wealth of information, was very proactive on behalf of my needs in dealing with the seller’s agent, and was always prompt in responding to questions I had throughout the process. I appreciated how detail-oriented he was, and quickly learned I could always count on him for his honest opinion. Randy also provided me great referrals for a lender and a lawyer. Throughout the experience I felt confident I was in great hands with Randy as my agent. He is a pleasure to work with!
    Linsey M.
  • Randy demystified the purchase process and helped my partner and I find a fantastic home in the area we wanted. He was courteous, responsive, professional, and had a great sense of humor. He was also highly knowledge about the area. This expertise was very useful during the comps process. As first time homebuyers, his calm demeanor and savvy advice was much appreciated! Highly recommended.
    Jeremy L.
  • Since I was living between two places throughout this process Randy was helpful in every way. His demeanor and professionalism are to be commended.
    Steve R.
  • Randy was a pleasure to work with and stuck with us for the many months and countless showings to find the right place that fit our picky needs. Thank you for all the help Randy!
    Dakota N.
  • Randy is the type of realtor you want to work with as his attention to detail, consistent and timely follow-up and his overall genuine easy going approach to get the deal done were key with my deal. If you need to buy or sell look no further in your search for realtors as he is the right person to make it happen and goes above and beyond to satisfy “YOU” the customer. He GETS customer relationships and take them seriously to make you comfortable during the process. He understand the Chicagoland market and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get the deal done!
    David P.
  • I was a first time homebuyer and largely unfamiliar with a lot of the Chicago neighborhoods outside of the Loop and Streeterville where I had lived during law school. Randy did a great job of not only getting to know me and determining what neighborhood would be the best for me. He was extremely patient and helped me find the perfect home for me!
    Kyle B.
  • Randy was fantastic on both our sale and purchase – we could not recommend him more! He knows the ins and outs of the local real estate market, both condos and single-family homes. He guided us through the entire process very smoothly and patiently answered all of our questions as we went through it. He was there for us every step of the way. We are grateful to have met Randy!
    Bob D.
  • We feel so lucky to have had Randy guide us through the process of finding and purchasing our first condo. We happened to meet Randy at an open house in which he was the sellers’ agent. We missed out on that place but because Randy was so kind and knowledgeable, we were excited when he offered to represent us as buyers. Randy used his experience to help us narrow our search and understand our priorities. He was extremely attentive to our feedback on each property we saw, while sharing insights that we might not have thought of ourselves. This ultimately led us to finding a perfect space for our needs! We would highly recommend Randy to any prospective clients!
    Mike O.
  • We appreciate Randy’s ability to guide and support us through this complicated process. There were a few times when we felt that things weren’t going to work out. Randy kept us grounded and made sure we understood each step of the process. We are appreciative of his positive outlook and patience.
    Stephen B.
  • We are so grateful that Randy helped us purchase our first home! He made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process, and we trusted his advice and expertise when looking at properties. We had a very positive experience and highly recommend Randy!!!
    Monica H.
  • Randy was very kind and knowledgable about all things real estate. Randy always responded quickly, kept me informed, and calmed my nerves, as this was my first time purchasing a home. I would recommend Randy to any new home-buyers or to any seasoned home-buyers. He was so great to work with and helped me find the perfect home!
    Emily S.
  • It was great working with Randy on my condo purchase. He was an excellent resource to me as a first-time buyer, from asking the right questions during showings, to breaking down the complicated aspects of the homebuying process. He was very communicative and honest throughout the process and I couldn’t be happier with my condo. 10/10.
    Emma P.
  • Excellent service from apartment viewing to negotiations and closing, and finally to dealing with difficult post-closing situation with seller. Randy takes care of his clients, and keeps their best interests top of mind. Highly recommend.
    Ramon P.
  • Our experience working with Randy Romano was extremely positive. We came from out of state, and Randy worked very hard to make sure that we got a feel for the Chicago neighborhoods that we were looking to purchase in. He shared his local knowledge freely and honestly. We ended up buying what we think is the perfect condo in a great neighborhood. We would strongly recommend Randy to any prospective client!
    Doug T.
  • My husband and I met Randy at an open house he hosted for a home he was the listing agent for. While that home was not the one we would ultimately buy, we were thoroughly impressed with Randy’s preparation to make any buyer see the potential in that property. He had information on new construction and development in the neighborhood, provided us with food for thought on what to look for in home mechanical and spent a good half hour with us talking about local inventory, which he was very well-versed in. When it came time for us to contact an agent to represent us, there was simply no other choice. Randy already stood out at first impression and never disappointed throughout our purchase process. He was responsive at all hours of the day and evening, educated us on what to lookout for at each property we visited, and ultimately orchestrated the purchase process for a home we couldn’t be happier with. We would recommend Randy to anyone purchasing or selling a home.
    Aimee R.
  • Randy was awesome! As first time Home buyers, my husband and I relied on Randy for insight and guidance. He did not let us down! He made us feel comfortable asking questions and gave us confidence when we found the house we really loved. He made our buying experience painless. I would recommend him to anyone buying or selling home!
    Alissa M.
  • Randy was easy to work with and sold our condo faster than expected. He gave great advice, hooked us up with someone for staging and painting as well. He always answers questions quickly and kept us updated at every step. If there was something we needed to decide he would walk us through our options.
    Shayna C.
  • Randy understood what I was looking for and showed me exactly what I wanted.
    Amy D.
  • It’s hard to describe an experience in a scale of 1 to 5. Randy was the guy to sell my property. At every career he has held he has been a 5. I would expect less nothing of him. I’ll have a friend in him. Wish I had more properties to sell
    Wil G.
  • Randy was great!Very patient and always kept me informed of where we were in the buying process.
    Katie G.
  • Only use Dreamtown – and my hero, Randy Romano – if you want the best, most helpful, kindnest, indefatiguable, fun, caring service! Purchasing a property (I’m a first-timer!) is innately harrowing. But Randy walked us through very carefully and helpfully – never minding the umpteenth question. I’m truly grateful for the way things unfolded and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Randy and Dreamtown!
    Stephen Y.
  • Randy is hands down the best real estate agent possible. Super punctual, great with kids, and a wonderful,relaxing, and charming manner. Having Randy’s wealth of knowledge and experience,while navigating the largest purchase of my life, was invaluable. He is an asset to his profession and I can’t thank him enough.
    Chase B.
  • Knowledgeable and very helpful in finding what we were looking for. Also very friendly and attentive.
    Chris M.
  • Randy was incredibly responsive, often providing extensive data and analysis on homes and neighborhoods of interest within a few hours of our request. He’s calm, patient, listens well and very easy to work with!
    Carina S.
  • Randy was absolutely outstanding. He really supported us all the way through the process, and was always ready with good advice for us.
    Brandon H.
  • Randy was a trusted advisor throughout the whole process of buying our condo unit on Chicago’s North side. Randy walked us through the process step by step as we were first-time home buyers. He was always very attentive to our needs and we were constantly in communication about the process. We really loved working with Randy and we recommend him to all our friends and acquaintances.
    Justyna N.
  • Randy was the best! We are so grateful for his excellent help
    Barbara M.
  • Moving here from WA state was a trying process for us. Randy was tremendously helpful during this transition. Before we left WA, we communicated our needs to Randy and he responded by providing properties for us to consider. Before we arrived in Chicago, he took our daughter around to look at properties and when we got here, he took us around to look at the types of properties we would be interested in. When we found a house we wanted, he stuck with us from the offer thru the closing and then continued to follow up after closing. I feel that he is still available when we have questions or need something.
    Skip K.
  • I highly recommend Randy. He is very professional and accessible. He made the entire buying process as stress-free as possible and facilitated throughout, from helping find places, to price negotiations and the entire mortgage and closing process.
    Lisa B.
  • Randy is a great realtor to work with. He was always quick at responding to text messages/emails. He always gave me his honest opinion on what he thought was best for me. Randy always has his clients best interests in mind, he never pushed me to buy something that wasn’t exactly right. Would definitely recommend and work with him again!
    Elaine B.
  • Randy was very helpful in guiding me through all stages of my condo purchase. He was client-service oriented – responded timely to my questions/concerns, provided meaningful insights on the pros and cons of the properties I considered, and was very patient with my ever changing search parameters! He helped me understand whether a neighborhood would suit my life style or future financial goals – he saved me from purchasing a seemingly perfect home in a neighborhood where home value was growing at effectively a zero rate. Randy was honest in responding to my questions – including when he knew his answers were not ones I wanted to hear, but were those I needed to hear. He gave me a few reality checks as I considered properties to purchase. Those helped me manage expectations in terms of how long my search might take, what is most important to me (turned out to be location), and the entire home buying process through closing. Randy also referred me to his network of attorney and mortgage lender who were as professional and wonderful to work with as he was. I was very happy to have worked with Randy for my condo purchase, and will work with him again for future sales/purchases. Highly recommend using his services.
    Elisabeth I.
  • My experience from the first contact to closing could not have been more amazing. I wasn’t even sure if I would qualify to purchase and didn’t know where to start but Randy set me up with an excellent mortgage team who walked me through the paperwork and parameters. From there Randy’s phenomenal skills in listening, researching, and knowing the market took over and he sent me perfect matches to our needs and wants. His style is informative, friendly, and relaxed, though; never pushy, salespersony, and you definitely won’t feel pressure if you don’t like a property, are worried about the costs, or just decide this isn’t the right time after all. He was careful to stick within our very long list of “must haves” and “can’t have” and even with all our limitations found us what is truly a dream home. From the inspection to contract negotiations to closing he was there for us with information, advocacy, and referrals. Even on the day of closing when the sellers sort of screwed up, Randy and the fantastic attorney he recommended handled it and in a few minutes it was resolved. This is the most beautiful, spacious home I could imagine – plus we got it at a price that I can actually afford – I never in a million years thought I’d be living in a place this incredible, at least, not in real life. The “dreamtown” name is ironically quite true! Don’t hesitate to reach out. You *won’t* get a million texts and emails if you decide not to pursue it, but you may just end up in a palace if you do.
    Amy R.
  • This was my first experience with buying a condo and let me say it was a very smooth process. Randy found the exact condo I was looking for in the time frame I gave him. He was prompt to every showing and meeting. Also kept a open line of communication between all parties so there was no confusion during the process. I would personally like to thank Randy and Dream Team Reality for finding me my dream condo
    Matt G.
  • Randy was amazing to work with — very customer oriented; very flexible and patient showing us properties and highly personalized — remembered details about what we wanted and liked, etc.
    Susan W.
  • Randy did a wonderful job from start to finish, his knowledge of the neighborhood got our house sold quick at near asking price. He was always available for questions, advice or just to talk throughout the process. We highly recommend Randy and Dream Town for your next listing or purchase.
    Jim L.
  • Randy was great to work with and made the home buying experience very smooth for our family!
    Adam C.
  • There is one word that comes to mind when describing Randy, and that is AWESOME!!! From beginning to end, Randy was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. We have worked with a few agents but none like Randy. He made the entire buying process very easy and efficient and we are both extremely grateful that he was here to help guide us to our first new home! We would highly recommend Randy and plan to use him for all future home buying needs.
    Hassan N.
  • Love, love, love Randy. You are the best. Very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you so much for your hard work.
    Enoch E.